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Don't just clean the stains of your clothes, enhance their overall feel & smell as well, washing in our gentle Detergents, Detergent Soap.. 

An Introduction

Washing clothes is a part of daily chores at most of the homes and laundry houses. From table linen to towel, draperies to clothes, several stitched and unstitched fabrics are washed by people in daily life to have the desired cleanliness. However, results of washing process highly relies upon the quality of cleaning agent used to do the job. Just because all the detergents are well advertised & promoted to clean fabric does not mean they all will give equal result.

Those who are interested in having the best laundry results, UMC Mills Pvt. Ltd. is working hard as a manufacturer. We are supplying skin-friendly Detergent that are prepared from quality surfactants, aromatic chemicals and many other ingredients to give you the desired washing results. From Detergent Cake to Detergent Bar, Detergent Powder,Laundry Detergent Powder,Detergent Soap we have maintained impressive cleaning agents to support you in your laundry work.

Whether it is summer season, rainy or winters, washing clothes becomes essential to make them clean from shed skin cells, sweat smell, dirt, turmeric color and various other types of stains. For helping you in making your clothes clean and smell pleasantly, we have prepared our detergents as per the industry defined norms.

Prepared To Give Your Magical Cleaning Results

Regularly giving clothes to laundry is costly and does not supports all the pockets. Plus, many times there are situations when you have to wear the same clothes next day, you cannot wait long to get them back after getting wash in less time. For such situations, our detergents are prepared, just add our products to a water bucket and soak the dirty clothes in them and get magical results, effortlessly. The active enzymes of our Laundry Detergent Powder perfectly removes stains, these are absolutely perfect to be used for several types of fabrics. Further, each pack of our detergents are packed after passing the prepared detergent cakes, powder & bar through several tests. The tests are conducted not just to check the following properties:
  • Gentleness to the skin
  • Aroma
  • Shelf life
  • Cleaning results
  • Friendliness to the fabrics
  • Work well in hot as well as cold water
How Detergents Are Produced At UMC Mills

Basically, laundry detergent are prepared from three different methods but two of them are the most commonly used. Our production process varies as per the market demands, when small batches are required, we adopt blender process in which several cleaning ingredients and fragrances are mixed to obtain detergent. Another method which takes place in our premise is agglomeration process, the most used method for detergent production at large scale. In this method, dry ingredients are put together in the Shuggi agglomerator, a machine which has sharp blades to provide mixture of fine consistency. Once the ingredients get perfectly blended, exothermic (heat-producing) reaction takes occurs and leaves hot & viscous liquid which then hardened to have detergents. In the next step, the obtained detergent is passed through the sizing screens to ensure that no lumps are left quality products are packed for supply in the market.

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